1. The files that you'll download are compressed zip files since the size is too big.
  2. You'll need to Unzip the files with software like WinRAR, you can download the free software to unzip the file here:- https://www.win-rar.com/
  3. You might already have a WinRAR software - but it might be out-dated and hence you might not be able to open.
  4. The files are not corrupt, but you'll need to re-install your WinRAR software and try again - it'll work 🙂


  1. Before installing all the software add EXE to exclusion list in your Defender or Antivirus. To learn how to do that, get help from YouTube.
  2. You will be able to download all software and Database after completion of your purchase, you will get Google Drive link after successful payment.
  3. We will not help in any other software related issues.
  4. We will not help you in installation of the software, as it is free of cost.

Bulk WhatsApp Sender

WhatsApp Number Extractor

Web Data Extractor

Google Bing Extractor

Google Map data Extractor

Yellow Lead Extractor

J Data Extractor

Social Phone Extractor

Social Email Extractor

Lets Extract Email Studio

Facebook lead Extractor

Facebook campaign Maker

Facebook Marketing Pro

Facebook Auto Poster

Efface Facebook Bot

Efface Instagram Bot

Simple Instagram Bot

Simple Back link Indexer

Simple Traffic Bot

Super Filter 2020

Simple Invoices

Bulk Mailer Pro

Bulk Simple Mailer Pro

Email Sender Blaster 3 Pro

DRPU SMS Cable Connect

Android Bulk SMS IP Connect

Proxy Switcher